What is a Social Security Number?

Nearly 64 million Americans received over one trillion U.S. dollars in Social Security benefits. Nearly nine out of 10 Americans age 65 or older receive Social Security benefits, however younger aged individuals should start thinking about the resource earlier in life. People are usually under the impression that Social Security only provides retired Americans with benefits, when the number and association provide more than that one specific service. Additionally, an estimated 178 million workers are covered under Social Security this year alone. In this article, we will seek to understand what is a Social Security number in its entirety and how it benefits a person and their family.

According to the Social Security Association, your nine-digit Social Security Number helps the government to track how much money you make and to record your employment benefits. This number is one of the most important numbers attached to a person’s life because it helps you to obtain benefits and other government services. Every U.S. citizen has a social security number because it is a number used as a person goes through the various stages of life. Most people will have the same Social Security number throughout their life; however, people can apply for a replacement number in the event their identity is stolen or if they lose the number.

what is a social security number


The main purpose for a Social Security number is to receive money if you are or become disabled and after you retire from a long, successful career in your field or industry. This nine-digit number is issued to all U.S. citizens and eligible U.S. residents by the government. The government uses this number to track the most important thing a person does in their life, which is making money. A person’s access to social security once they reach a certain age is dependent upon the money they have made throughout their lifetime.

U.S. citizens are also able to access disability income as long as they have worked long enough and paid social security taxes. According to the Social Security Association website, studies show that one in four U.S. citizens in their twenties will become disabled before the age of 67. The American dream involves a person working hard to attain their goals, which takes the form of marriage, vehicles and property. Social Security provides a safety net in case uncontrollable things happen along the way.

Why You Need a Social Security Number

A person will be asked for a Social Security number when filling out job application, opening an account at a financial institution, applying for a student loan and other important decisions a person will have to make in their life. A Social Security number can provide a person, their spouse and other eligible family members with a supplemental income when they retire, if they become disabled and when they pass away, known as survivor’s benefits.

To apply for these benefits is easy but takes some planning. On the SSA website, they offer planners for the different Social Security incomes available once the benefit is needed for an individual. For retirement benefits, you can find out how to qualify for Social Security benefits, how other members of your family may qualify for it and the details on how to apply for it. For disability benefits, even workers at a young age can qualify for disability income if they should need it. The same goes for survivors’ benefits, which can be especially important for younger families.

In case you or someone you know are interested, you can visit the website ssa.gov for more information pertaining to benefit calculations. They have online tools to make easy to find Social Security statements and estimates.

Why It is Important

Earlier in the article, it was stated that Social Security has more benefits than just the obvious retirement income. According to their website, retired workers and their eligible family members are responsible for roughly 73 percent of Social Security Income.

Disabled employees and their eligible family members are responsible for roughly 15 percent of the benefits. About 89 percent of workers between the age of 21 to 64 where in employment positions to protect their families in case they get severely injured or disabled. Moreover, 67 percent of the workforce at private organizations and companies do not have long-term disability insurance, which makes Social Security all the more important for these individuals. Lastly, survivors of deceased family members account for about 12 percent of benefits stemming from a Social Security number.  Over 90 percent of Americans in their young adult years to becoming middle-aged adults have employment positions had survivors’ insurance for children who are minors and surviving spouses caring for children. Experts say the number of Americans age 65 or older that sits currently at 56 million will increase to over 78 million by year 2035. Understanding the benefits associated with a Social Security number will be vital for these individuals and their families.

Knowing and understanding the uses and benefits of having a Social Security number should be essential for every American. It is a good resource to use especially since it is funded by taxpayer dollars annually. Social Security income is a major source of funding used by millions of Americans every year. To learn all of the ins and outs of the source of income is in the best interest of everyone.

What to do if You Need to Replace Your Social Security Number

If you are looking to find your Social Security number or a replacement card, it is now easier than in years past where you would have to visit an office to get answers. Their website can help with the entire process. States who do not have the replacement card online option include Alabama, Connecticut, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah and West Virginia. However, if you are looking for someone else’s Social Security number or card, that is different process, which is a topic in an upcoming article.

Hopefully this article is helpful and insightful in explaining what a Social Security number is, what the benefits and uses of it are, and why it is important for American families across the nation.

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