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Current Address Roll-up

Locate your subjects most current address.

Email Search

Basic list of  emails matched to particular subject or reverse email to find a subject

SSN Verification

Provides state issued, date of issuance and status of the SSN entered.


Search using first, last name and state for marriage and divorce records.

Social Media

Search social media sites to locate individuals. Check over 100 sites!


Search for relatives by SSN, address or name.

Common Residency

Search for individuals that have shared address.

Watercraft Search

Search to locate possible watercrafts registered to subject.

Criminal Check

Electronic Repository Check – includes offender name, state, and DOB.

Sex Offender Search

Search nationwide for possible registered sex offenders.


Search nationwide for possible arrest records.


Search nationwide for possible warrants.

Bankruptcies, liens & Judgments

Search for possible civil records against and individual

Professional License

Search nationwide for possible registered professional licenses.

 Hunting/Fishing License

Search Multiple states for possible registered professional licenses

Concealed Weapons Permits

Search multiple states for possible registered conceal weapons permits.

Federal Firearms and Explosives

Search nationwide for possible registered individuals or businesses registered for firearms.

My name is Lance Casey and I am a private detective.  I am conducting your search manually.  I don't have your people searches done automatically.  Please complete the form below to further help me identify the person in question.  Make sure you check your email for the results of your people search.


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