need someone's social secuity number


You must have a valid purpose like judgment recovery, debt recovery, child support, criminal investigations, civil investigations, 1099 filling, etc.

Is this Service Completely Legal?

Using our service is legal as long as you have a valid purpose like debt recovery, child support, 1099 filling, etc.

How Does It Work?

Order SSN Trace below. You will be contacted via email/phone. You have to provide proof of permissible purpose. (copy of judgment from court)

Home Much Does It Cost To Find Someone's SSN?

The price to find someone's social number can range between $19.99 & $349.99.  Our price to find someone's SSN is $199

Home Much Does It Cost To Find Someone's SSN?

California Private Investigator Lance Casey & Associates states “We offer a no find – no fee guarantee.  If we can’t find your subject’s social number, we will refund your money.”


People search basic

  • Social Security Number
  • SSN Issue Date & Location
  • Current Addresses


Social Security Number Lookup

  • Social Security Number
  • SSN Issue Date & Location
  • Current Addresses
  • AKAs
  • Emails
  • Relatives (up to 3 degrees of separation)
  • Properties
  • Liens/Judgments
  • Criminal Records
  • Sexual Offences
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Associates


who lives at this address search

  • Current & Prior Residents
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Property Ownership

Frequently asked questions

Yes, using basic information about the subject you will be able to identify an individuals SSN. The information you need to obtain this data includes the subjects name, approximate age and last known street address.

Yes, it is. Our system is secure and the subject of the search will never know that their social is being requested.

There are a number of legal reasons why one would need to find a SSN. It is necessary for 1099 filings, debt collection, child support collection and many other purposes.

Absolutely not. This is not a permissible purpose. Additionally, we cannot find a SSN of a minor child. You will need to contact the Social Security Administration.

No. Any new employee must furnish their SSN. The Social Security Administration will verify this SSN for no charge at

No. Without exception, anyone ordering this search will be interviewed before research begins. You may be required to provide supporting documentation proving the purpose and legality of the search.

Permissible purposes to find a social security number include:

* Work in conjunction with official government business.
* Work in connection with identity fraud.
* Work involving a fraud investigation.
* Work in a civil or criminal investigation, and the social security number is NECESSARY to your investigation.
* Requested by competent court to determine whether defendant is currently in active military.
* Required for debt collection, judgment recovery, child support and wage garnishment.
* Required for issuance of a 1099 or other official tax document to the Internal Revenue Service.

No Find – No Fee. 100% Money Back Guarantee.
If we can not find your subject’s social security number, your money will be returned to you.

Our clients say

Lance was absolutely great. Professional, prompt and accommodating. He provided same day service. Would definitely recommend and use his services again.
"Fast and curtious , I would recommed if you want the job done correctly."
Jen s.
Excellent service. Great communication and very fast service. Will definitely use again when I need to and I will recommend to my friends and customers.
"Fast, courteous, responsive and creative. Would call him again in an instant.

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Find someone’s social security number

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Do you wish to locate a defendant you are suing but you feel as though have tried everything? It can be frustrating though it appears to be a simple thing to discover someone online. Just enter their information about Google and also you are done.

who lives at this address8

Unfortunately, it is really not always that easy. Searching the internet brings about similar names but none are for that person you are hoping to sue. If you have to locate a defendant to be able to serve a summons about them conventional online searches can be a dead end.

In the event you employ a private investigator you can find someones address by name quickly. It does not cost you plenty, either. They can take action known as a skip trace. This is a unique but accurate kind of online searching that employs the same databases made use of by law enforcement. Information gets analyzed to make sure its validity to social security lookup.

who lives at this address8

To get started, phone or e-mail your PI. Make sure they know what you are interested in and why. You can skip trace for just about any reason. Besides searching for someone to enable you to serve them a summons, you can find somebody who owes you money via a judgment. Once you find someones address by name assists you to obtain a step even closer obtaining your money.

You may also work with a skip to identify a relative. In case you are carrying out a explore your genealogy this can be an incredibly helpful service. The rewards of finding these family and friends might be worth a great deal.

If you want to discover the person’s current address, contact the non-public investigator today. The search is an affordable service which is an accurate one. You may save some time and trouble by purchasing a skip trace today.