Private Investigator Fees

Private Investigator Fees

Need a professional to investigate your private matter? Need a professional to serve your legal papers? Call Now (800) 683-4769

Private Investigator Fees.  

Currently Sacramento County private investigator fees range from $50-$150 per hour.  

Private investigator fees for investigation in Sacramento County range from $50-$100 per hour.  An upfront retainer of $500-$1000 is not uncommon.  Private investigator fees are normally higher for surveillance jobs.  Surveillance in Sacramento County can range from $300-$800 per day of surveillance in Sacramento County.  The surveillance can be for gathering evidence of a cheating spouse in Sacramento and workers comp investigations in Sacramento.


Process Server Sacramento

We serve 24/7. Hire a Private Eye to be your process server in Sacramento. We serve divorce, restraining orders, custody papers, small claims, subpoenas.

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Judgement Collection Agency

Did you win your lawsuit and need help collecting your judgement? I have the tools and connections to uncover hidden funds and valuables owned by your debtor.

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Sacramento Asset Search & People Search Skip Trace

Need a Asset Search Sacramento? Need to locate someone in Sacramento to serve them legal papers. Hire a Private Eye to skip trace their current address and find their assets.

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Cheating Spouse Investigations Sacramento

Whether you suspect domestic abuse, are suspicious of your own spouse, or would like a pre marital investigation, I will get your answers.

Child Custody Investigations

Do you have a child custody problem in Sacramento and need a Private Investigator who specializes Child Custody Investigations?

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Criminal Defense Investigations Sacramento

Looking to create reasonable doubt? I will find witness and evidence to determine whether or not there are any inconsistencies in the case.

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Lance Casey for city slick

The Lance Casey Difference

What makes Lance Casey the best private investigator Sacramento has to offer?

With over 10 years as a police officer and 10 years as a private investigator after that, you won’t find anyone in Sacramento County more qualified to conduct your investigation.


Throw in a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and what you have is someone with an intimate understanding of criminal behavior.  That means both instincts and understanding.

On top of that, my years of public service have ingrained in me a strong sense of duty and desire to serve.  You can expect a different level of commitment when Lance Casey is on the job.

It does not matter what sort of investigation you need to have conducted, you won’t find a better choice.

Sacramento Private Investigator Services


How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost?

Click "Private Investigator Fees" to get an up to date list of the fees I charge for Sacramento Private Investigation.  

When you hire me, you get a different kind of private contractor. With over three decades as a public servant, I take my roles seriously:

Process Server, Private Investigator

I strive to offer the highest quality service to ensure my clients both the best value and peace of mind.


You can trust me to get the job done because I have all of the proper credentials. You can expect the task to get completed in accordance with both the law and industry best practices.


With over 1000 investigations conducted over a decade of law enforcement experience, I have developed the wisdom and instincts to handle any situation that might arise on the job.


When you’re dealing with important issues, it’s important you have someone to depend on. I pride myself on service, professionalism, and the resolve to deliver exactly what I saw I will.


If you need a process server, private investigator, or notary public in Sacramento, make sure you choose one who lives in the city. It’s more convenient and increases chance of success.


I keep my promises and offer fair pricing. Too many process servers and private investigators in Sacramento set unrealistic expectations or fabricate excuses to charge over the top prices.


Professionals know: when you come to me, you only come to me. The world doesn’t need to know about your business. And neither does whoever needs to be investigated or served.

What Sets Me Appart

My years as a public servant have given me a unique perspective:

I approach all of my work with a sense of duty. I take pride in my ability to deliver results. And I strive in every way to offer the highest quality work.

If you’re thinking of higher another private investigator in Sacramento, ask yourself:

Do they approach their work the same way?

If you need help with delicate affairs, choose someone you know will have your back. Choose someone who has decades of experience serving the people of Sacramento County. Choose someone who is fully qualified for the task at hand.

But most importantly, choose someone who will get the job done.

If you’re in need of a private investigator to serve your legal papers or investigate your private matter, don’t hesitate to call Lance Casey Now!

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