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When Is Your Office Open?

I am available to meet you 24/7 to pick up your civil process. Our office is located at 2386 Fair Oaks Blvd. Sacramento Ca 95825. I am usually at the Carol Miller Justice Center so you can drop off your civil process papers to me there.

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Can I sent my process by email, internet, or fax?

Yes. Fax your documents to (800) 683-4769, email documents to

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How Long To Serve My Civil Process?

We serve 24/7. Our first attempt is usually within 48 hours.

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Sacramento County Sheriff Civil Division

When Is Your Office Open?

Public counter hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm, excluding holidays.

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Can I sent my process by email, internet, or fax?

No. At this time, certain legal constraints and technological obstacles prevent the Sheriff from accepting fees and civil process by electronic transmission

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How Long To Serve My Civil Process?

The Sheriff can not guarantee when or if service will be made. A high volume of process and/or a shortage of personnel may hamper our efforts to expeditiously serve your process.

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Civil Process Server

Choose one with professional investigative experience

Best Civil Process Server

 It doesn't matter who you are serving court documents to, you're going to want a professional service to take care of this process for you. Many issues can come up when you're not doing this professionally. Therefore, you want to take action as soon as possible by getting the best in the world on your side.  CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service is the agent for service of process.

 Let's take a look at what a great civil process server is going to do for you now and in the future when it pertains to your court documents.

 Tracked Court Documents

 Court documents are essential in this day and age. You should be getting value, and it should be easy to keep pace with how things are moving along.


This is a server that will keep you updated to make sure you are aware of where things are and how they will be heading in the future of  serving California agents for service of process here 2710 gateway oaks dr ste 150n.


Simplify Process

 The process is not going to work in your favor when you're not simplifying it as much as possible. This process server Sacramento is going to make sure things move along quickly, and you're not dealing with hurdles along the way that should not have come up at csc Lawyers Incorporating Service California.


You're not going to be made to wait around or serve now as it pertains to the documents. You will be able to sit back and know things are going to be pushed ahead at the speed you desire and nothing short of this is going to be offered. Court documents are relevant and should be traveling to their destination as soon as needed.

This is the best civil process server in town for a reason, and you have to hire the best to make sure things are not failing on you. If you want quality, you'll want this team on your side as that's what you should push for.


Tenant Notices

Need help getting them out?  I’ll be happy to locate and serve your unlawful detainers.


Need help serving a subpoena?  Whether a person or business records, I’ll get it done.

Small Claims

Need help getting paid?  Allow me to find those who owe and make sure you get paid.

Restraining Orders

Need help communicating a restraining order?  Harassment, violence, and temporary.


Need help issuing a summons?  I will locate and serve your Sacramento S&C or S&P.

Order to Appear

Need help getting someone to appear?  Hire a true professional and get real results.

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The Lance Casey Difference

Civil Process Server

In a city like Sacramento, process servers Sacramento come a dime a dozen.  

This makes sense, as there is a relatively low barrier to entry.  The only real requirements are to complete the registration process and pay the associated fees.

This is exactly why it can be so hard to find highly capable civil process server.  With such simple requirements, it is an attractive occupation for many looking for a new stream of income by serving csc Lawyers Incorporating Service Sacramento.


However, this means that those shopping for this service need to be wary of civil process servers who are largely unqualified. Find a CSC Sacramento Process Server.

Avoid “Cheap Sacramento Process Servers”

When you purchase “cheap” anything, you risk sacrificing quality.

In a big city, that’s not what you want to if you need someone to serve legal papers.  Sacramento is fully of people who need more money.  By making price your number one priority, you limit yourself to the proverbial bottom of the barrel.

If you have important papers that need to be served, these are the types of people you want to stay away from.

Otherwise, you’re likely to end up paying someone else to get the job done when they prove that they can’t.  Then what did you gain in the first place?

Hire Lance Casey to serve you papers and you’ve got someone who knows exactly how to get the job done.

In addition to being one of Sacramento’s best process servers, I am a private investigator. 

In fact, you might say I am one of Sacramento’s best process servers because I am also a private investigator. 

With over 25 years experience carrying out investigations of all kinds, I have a real leg up when it comes to locating those that need to be served.  Finding people has been a part of my job description for half my life. 

If you need someone who can root out a slippery character, I am your man.

The level of investigative experience I have speaks for itself.  And considering that is the most difficult part of serving legal papers, I’m far better equipped than the average process server to handle your request.